In its constant search for excellence, elegance and character in a crafty wine that speaks about the amazing place it originates, Aurelius decided to make its wines in the city of Nisporeni, in the protected geographical indication – Codru.

Codru is located in the central zone of Moldova and encompasses the main massive of the vineyards, around 60 thousand hectares (about 60%). The millenary oak and linden forests from the area have a positive impact both on the microclimate and on the distinct landscape consisting of valleys, dales and many small streams that create proper conditions for growing a wide variety of grapes.

Light aerated soils characterized as being clayey and loamy, advantageous physical-geographical position, the landscape, the climate, but also the traditions of inhabitants, who work in the vineyards, have had an essential impact on the grape and wine evolution, so every single plot of vineyard is provided with a character that may be synthesized as Terroir.

Thus, the Aurelius range of wines consists of a large assortment of quiet sparkling wines, the quality of which is the most authentic expression of the terroir.

Wine / Vineyard

The vineyards located in the Codru area are provided with all the attention and care in line with to the principles developed and preserved from generation to generation, from father to son.

Each single plot of vineyard has been carefully identified and its value increased. It is processed according to the latest technologies in order to eliminate herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, increasing the interventions during the green pruning, thus the vine retains all the characteristics of the soil and the energy of the sun. The traceability of Aurelius wines is perfect.

The vineyards are located on a splendid site touched by the God blessing which impress with its authenticity at the very first sight. The vine area expands annually and covers the hill descending gradually into the valleys. The South-Western position and sun exposure allow the plateau to absorb the very first morning sunrays and to preserve the last ones.

This region distinguishes itself by the personality of the vine and the sunny hillsides, by the softness of the white wines produced here, and especially by the traditional love of the inhabitants for the wine culture.


The charm of Aurelius wines is determined by a perseverant attitude and a variety of correct stages and procedures which accompany the wine in its trip up to bottling. Starting from geographical indication, first planted sapling, harvesting each grape up to its transformation into a special wine, which is subsequently aged in French oak barrels and which turns over years into the DNA that we pour into the bottle from the shelve.

Personality – this is what you should possess to choose Aurelius.

Aurelius is always on the top!